Lakeside Retreat

I’m rebuilding everything in Granite Falls. This is my first lot, I’ve kept the name Lakeside Retreat, as a cosy but spacious family cabin. It’s five bedrooms (one master, two double, two twin), a kitchen/diner, a living room and plenty of outdoor space including a natural pool.

It’s a bit pricey to rent (around 1,700 simoleons a day), but it’s a great lot for a large family to take a break to, even if they can only afford a few days. I’ve play tested it and everything works correctly.

I’ve got more pictures in the full album, but here’s a taste of the place. Hope you enjoy!

— Sims 4 Gallery — Full Album —

The outside, as seen on the gallery.

The backyard, complete with fire pit, natural swimming pool and BBQ.

The games room, coming off from the hallway on the main (middle) floor.

An overview of the kitchen/dining room, which leads to the hallway as well as the outdoor deck.

Overview of the downstairs bedrooms. Perfect for that family with lots of kids! Two double rooms and two twin rooms, as well as two bathrooms.

The lovely master bedroom, with great views in all directions.

Bottom floor, four bedrooms, two bathrooms.

Middle floor, hallway, one toilet, kitchen/diner, games/living room and the outdoor deck.

The top floor, hallway to master bedroom, en-suite and dressing room and the balcony.

Backyard overview. Everything you could want to keep your kids outside and away from those pesky screens!


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